Centrally Located and Locally Loved: Why My Lash Supply is Sacramento's Go-To for Lash Professionals

Nestled right at 4191 Power Inn RD Suite C, My Lash Supply is strategically located near all major freeways in Sacramento. This isn’t just an address; it's a testament to our commitment to accessibility for every beauty professional in the city.

2. Sacramento Roots – Homegrown and Proud:

Born and bred in Sacramento, we’re not just another beauty supplier. We understand the local pulse, the distinct Sacramento charm, and most importantly, the unique needs of our city's lash artists.

3. Quick Restocks and Fast Pick-Ups:

Ever had an urgent need for supplies during a busy day? Our central location means you're never too far away. Whether you're from Elk Grove, Natomas, or the heart of the city, restocking is just a short drive away.

4. A Hub for Lash Knowledge and Networking:

Being at the city's heart doesn't just mean selling products. We envision our store as a hub where Sacramento's lash professionals gather, share, learn, and grow together.

5. Community First – Collaborations and Workshops:

Our commitment to Sacramento's beauty community goes beyond supplies. Keep an eye out for local workshops, events, and collaborations, all aimed at fostering a closely-knit community of lash professionals.

In Sacramento, where tradition meets innovation, My Lash Supply stands as a beacon for quality, accessibility, and local pride. As we continue to serve our city's beauty professionals, we invite you to experience the My Lash Supply difference. Drop by, and you'll see why, when it comes to lash supplies in Sacramento, we're not just centrally located – we're centrally loved.